Trending… aka Wedding Ideas We’re Loving Right Now

Hi everyone,

This week we’re going to share with you some of our favourite wedding (and event) ideas to incorporate into your big day. Some of them are trending and some are classics – if any of the below speaks to you and sparks a curiosity, you might want to consider including it part of your day!

1. The view of the Toronto skyline, aka CN Tower – is always a great idea!!
There are so many great places in Toronto to get the city view – this one is outside of Colette Grand Cafe Toronto.

cn tower city view

2. Lakeview backdrop for your Ceremony
Blessed with wonderful weather this summer, many wedding ceremonies have taken place with the lake as a backdrop. Very little decor is needed when you have this beauty in the background while exchanging your vows.

lakeview outdoor ceremony at paletta mansion in burlington

3. Single stemmed/simple floral in vases
It’s refreshing to see simple floral decor when your venue is already beautifully designed with its existing decor, and filled with many architectural elements, like these arches, chandeliers, and greenery.

Credit goes to Pink Twig for the floral and BLoved Events for the coordination.

simple floral in vase at colette

4. Mini Sliders for Late Night Table
Always a big hit at late night stations – mini sliders are a favourite!! (and always delicious!)

Credit: These mini beef sliders are perfectly crafted by The Crafted Table.

mini sliders from the crafted table

5. Trio of Desserts
It might come as a surprise to you… but we’re not huge on sugary sweets, but we love to sample everything, and trio of desserts is the BEST compromise – a bit of sugar and a lot of fun with variety. Pictured here is a mini strawberry dipped chocolate, creme brûlée, and cake ball on a stick. Yum!

Credit: Bellagio and Man With The Wedding Plan for the coordination.

trio of desserts at bellagio

6. Ginger Beer Anything
Love love love, and especially love it when the bartenders are able to craft specialty drinks – not just your regular gin an tonic. Thank you, Collette Grand Cafe!

ginger beer at colette

7. Wow 
So you might not find something like this unless you’re at a luxury wedding, but I was seriously wow’d when my friend ordered me this beautiful masterpiece of a drink from bar chef.

This is the Spring Flaw: Floral and effervescent, becoming more full-bodied as the cocktail is sipped. Campari and vanilla ice granita, chamomile, sparkling wine, spring setting, aroma of lilac, soil, cedar and grapefruit.

spring thaw floral drink

We hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some ideas and inspiration for your wedding! Let us know in the comments below which one you plan on incorporating into your big day. Happy Planning!

Cindy Li
Certified Wedding Planner, Wonder Chic Events

Wonder Chic Events is the wedding planner for urban, stylish and fun couples. We would love to be your right-hand partner in helping you plan your big day from the moment you say “Yes” to the Proposal until the day you say ‘I Do” down the aisle. Contact us today for a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your beautiful, unique and heartfelt day with us over coffee/tea at a location that is convenient for you. Let us take care of the details so you can spend quality time with each of your lovely guests and enjoy your wedding day with peace of mind!

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