7 Photo Shoot Locations on Your Wedding Day!

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Your photographer is probably the best person to go to for suggestions on where to go for your photo shoot on your wedding day as they know best about lighting, shadows, the right timing and poses – to achieve the look you’re going for and the feelings you would like to evoke. But to give you a head start, I’d like to share with you several places that may help you with narrowing down your choices a bit easier. Depending on the schedule of your day, you may have three hours for your photos and sometimes you may only have one-and-a-half, so it’s definitely best to plan ahead!

I’ve linked photographers to each aesthetic – feel free to peruse their portfolio. 🙂

Urban-Industrial, Exposed Brick
Location: Distillery District
Photographer: JB Smith Photography

A Little Bit of Everything
Location: Markham Museum
Photographer: Andes Lo Photography


City Chic Sophistication

Location: Yorkville
Photographer: Qiu Photography

Lovers of Lines & Architecture
Location: Brookfield Place & Downtown Streets
Photographer: Lisa Mark Photography


Coffee Date & Ice Cream
Location: Main Street Unionville
Photographer: Chri Lee Photography


Fantasy & Fiction

Location: Around the Cityscape
Photographer: Little Blue Lemon

Soft Light & A Love for the Outdoors
Location: Terre Bleu Lavender Farms
Photographer: Lisa Mark Photography

terre bleu

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