Would you Consider Having a Live Poet at Your Wedding?

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The wedding and events industry is filled with creatives, and there’s always something new around the corner.

Recently, I got introduced to a Toronto wedding poet, Alan Borenstein, of www.torontopoet.com. Alan has been writing poems at events for over a year now. He chats with guests at a table for a minute or two and then writes them a 4-10 line poem that they can take home.

How it works best is when a couple tells him a bit about themselves, so they can see how the poem comes together within the context of the information they’ve provided. Alan writes most of his poems within 5 minutes.

I gave Alan a description of one of my recent couples, Maria & Evan:

wonder chic events couple maria and evan wedding at embassy grand with lux photo booths

They are a fun-loving, easy-going, couple, and are both very family-oriented (Maria with her sister and parents) and Evan (with his 3 brothers and parents). Here’s a little more information in the couple’s own words:

1) We met at a club through friends. I fell In love with his ability to dance and fun and easy going spirit.

2) Our first date was at Kelsey’s. Great smooth conversations. Connected right away! 

3) Symbolic locations include: Niagara Falls, Distillery District, anywhere near the water (fishing), Karoake bars, football stadiums, New York City.

4) The proposal was at Niagara on the Lake. (Bike riding)

5) We both enjoy: The Walking Dead, Deadpool, Everest, Football Games, Point Break

6) Adventurous, Easy-Going and Chill, Sense of Humour (Goofiness), Huge Foodies, organized chaos.

7) Maria- punctuality, by the books, sports (active), suburban, drinker

    Evan- laid-back, street-smart, very creative, more into pop-culture and arts, urban, non-drinker (my DD for life 🙂

8) We both enjoy the outdoors, travelling, fishing and foodies! He loves photography and fun, urban and bold, colourful shots!

maria and evan wedding at gambrel farm photo location

Here’s the poem that Alan wrote for them in about 4 minutes:

Each family packed as many
provisions as they could carry–
fish, wine, a good camera–
and raced each other to
the top of Everest.
Maria and her family
took the lead with their speed,
Evan’s cunning got his
group ahead.
But in the end,
the final steps,
they all reached the peak together.

How cool is this? Would you consider wedding poetry at your wedding? It would definitely add a certain uniqueness to your big day, and you will surely be the first of your friends to have something like this to add to the guest experience!

wonder chic events couple maria and evan wedding at gambrel farm photo location

Contact Alan Borenstein today, whether for your own wedding or as a special wedding gift!

*Photo credit (1): Lux PhotoBooths 
*Photo credit (2-3): Chelsey Byng

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