Karen & Thomas – Married!

The most efficient couple awards goes to Karen and Thomas!! From what she told me, they completed all their 30 centrepieces in 20 minutes. They worked as a team to bling-wrap their cylinders and drop an orchid inside. Calm, cool and collected, this couple was not at all stressed with planning their wedding. It’s definitely rare when I hear this of couples who plan their own wedding! When Wonder Chic Events came into the picture, as their Wedding Day Coordinator, they pretty much had all their plans in place. We recommended trusted and talented Make-up and Hair Artist, Peggy Lee, and a reliable and affordable Decor & Design Company, Dream Weddings Ltd., to provide drapery work. On the wedding day, we set up all the pew flowers, aisle runner and scattered rose petals, and with the beautiful tent up at The Manor … it was like a dream. I think my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited for my bride to walk down the aisle. Nobody would’ve guessed by looking at this picture that about an hour ago before this set-up it had hailed for 10 minutes… the sun came out… and then voila:


Team Bride consisted of the bride’s closest elementary school girlfriends and her dear cousin, whom she’s shared many similar experiences growing up, despite attending different schools and living in different provinces. I loved the speeches during dinner when she spoke of each one of them so fondly. 🙂


The door games and tea ceremony took place at the Hilton Markham Suites. Because of the rain, the photo session was mostly indoors, which turned out to be a blessing. Who knew that the hotel’s lobby bar would make for such a great backdrop? This picture looks straight out of those HK drama movies… if you watch them, you know what I’m talking about!

Team Groom were a fun bunch – this is awesome!

It’s Ceremony time! Bride hugs dad before he gives her away to her future husband… I love these moments.

Karen and Thomas opted for a Sand Ceremony. I love it when a couple decides to incorporate something symbolic that holds special meaning to them. Thank you to Jim Emerson of Enduring Promises for a most endearing ceremony and for the lovely live music played by the bride’s friends. Truly spectacular.

The colours for their wedding consisted mainly of pink, white, purple and  bling. Did I mention the bride made her own bridal bouquets and boutonnieres too? Yep, and they were gorgeous!


I laughed so much at this wedding, I swear more than any other that I’ve coordinated. There was some serious awesome emceeing, some butt-grabbing action, tipsy speeches…

…. more butt-grabbing…

And lots and lots of kissing!! If I didn’t know the bride well before the wedding, I certainly got to know her a whole lot better now. Amazing!


We love our couples – they’re fun, organized and they trust our suggestions and run with it. They don’t get hung up on the small little things that might affect their day. They don’t come in expecting ‘perfection’ because they’re smart people who know that perfection does not exist and they do not waste time chasing it. They appreciate all the things we do for them – all the things they see and all the things they don’t. It’s because of this trust in us to take care of the details for them and their understanding that the most important thing is that they’re getting married to each other – that they have the most amazing time on their wedding day. They’re chatting with their loved ones, giving them hugs and kisses, laughing and sharing beautiful moments… without worrying whether Uncle Sunny has a seat or if Aunt Barbara got her special meal. I’m a big believer (and not just because I’m a Wedding Planner) that even if you do not hire a Wedding Planner for the entire planning term… I strongly advise that you hire one for the management of your wedding day. It will be worth your investment – just ask anyone who didn’t have a great time at their own wedding – they’re the ones who would’ve probably benefited the most with one!

Karen & Thomas, thank you for a most memorable day. We pulled off a 300-person wedding (when really you had originally only wanted 150-200) and we made it work. We are so honoured to have been by your side to coordinate your wedding day and wish you nothing but a most amazing marriage!


A shout out to Rhythm Photography for capturing the most beautiful photos and heartfelt moments. 🙂

Cindy Li
Certified Wedding Planner, Wonder Chic Events

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