The Marilyn Denis Show – Wedding Episode

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For those of you who missed The Marilyn Denis Show – Wedding Episode, that aired May 31 – here’s a small recap of it! (Please note that these are not word-for-word responses and is paraphrased by yours truly).

Randy Fenoli – of Say Yes to The Dress fame talked about ‘Wedding etiquette.’

Here’s a recap of of the things that were discussed:
– If you are not inviting your cousin’s children, just explicitly state the husband and wife name on the invitation.
– If you do not want physical gifts, consider having guests contribute toward: honeymoon fund, mortgage fund or similar.
– Always send paper invitations for your wedding! Not e-vite. This is your wedding, and it deserves to have the time carved out to write and send a proper invite.
– If you are hosting wedding on a Friday, you should not expect guests to take a vacation day off or time off or get in trouble at work. But as a gracious guest, do let couple know that you will not be attending ceremony (if it is during work hours) so that they don’t wait up for you and let them know that you will be present at the reception.

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Some great places to purchase Gifts for a couple were shared by Heidi Allen (previously in the show Rich Bride, Poor Bride)

Uncommon gifts:

Think: “cork globe

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.52.22 PM

Unique, one-of-kind, handmade gifts:

Subscription based gifts:
Wine of The Month Club

Experiences (for the couple who has everything!):

Life Experiences
Gifts include: Wine tour in Niagara, Exotic car experiences, etc.Indigo Gifts:

New online wedding shop!
Tara Ballantyne showed us how to personalize elements, such as:
– Stamping your new initials onto cocktail napkins
– Using the toasting glasses you got from your bridal shower
– Personalizing the forks on your head table with your wedding date and initials
She also showed us a new trend (to us Canadians, anyway!): Ferrero Rocher Pineapple  – I loved this!ferrero-rocher-pineapple-1
Credit: Fancy Topcake via

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