The Spring Wedding Co Event

I had an amazing time at “The Spring Wedding Co Event” at the Gladstone Hotel.  Met so many great vendors and got to chat with almost every vendor that showcased. Here were some of my favourites:

Post Calligraphy:

Kicked off my day with the amazing Lisa of “Post Calligraphy.” Gosh, calligraphy is NOT as easy as it looks. It definitely takes a lot of time perfecting your letters one by one… and then somehow connecting them together. Lisa was so fun to be around and super knowledgeable. I really enjoyed her stories, tips she shared and how she gave each student in our workshop individual attention and guidance. What I also noticed was how she gave us top quality supplies to use and keep and a memorable experience. I love what this woman stands for and her sense of humour!



Le Dolci:
Thank you Le Dolci for supplying us with our sugar rush in the AM to get us through class. The macarons were almost too cute to eat – I enjoyed every bite. So excited I got to meet Lisa who is the owner of Le Dolci. Le Dolci offers baking classes, hosts private parties, makes custom cakes and cupcakes – it’s amazing to see what 3 years of passion for your art, love for your craft and hard work can lead to!



Late Bloomers Lanterns:
I don’t know about you, but I get really giddy when I discover something unique. And this was a super fun discovery. What you see here are Late Bloomers Lanterns’ one-of-a-kind, handmade vintage mason lanterns. Each lantern is packed with 16 hand-stamped and rolled paper flowers, which are then individually interwoven with a string of powered LED lights, and can last up to 15 hours. What a fabulous idea to have them dotting the aisle at your wedding ceremony or at your next garden party!



Sugar Girlee:
Sugar Girlee has got the best balloon inventory ever! Don’t you just love her huge XO balloon? I love it!! I never knew balloons could be big business, but this girl shows us how having and owning your niche, being somebody who people want to be around aka having a great personality and delivering exceptional client service  – that anything can happen, and that, yes, balloons can be your bread and butter! Can’t wait to work with Sugar Girlee for an upcoming shoot!



August in Bloom:
I am always excited to see what August and Bloom puts together for each show. I loved the chic Parisian garden party feel I get from this table scape. I would happily be a guest at this party any day. Sara is a creative genius and definitely has a knack for getting the right vendors, props and storyboard together. Love, love, love! Can’t wait to see what she dreams up next!



Ended off my day introducing myself to Catherine, who is the mastermind and producer of ‘The Wedding Co.” She put together a great show and I am amazed at what she has accomplished with the show, blog and her business.


Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone and stay inspired!

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