V&C Married! 10 Tips on How to Have a Great Wedding Day!

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Hope you’re having an awesome #weddingwednesday so far! I am so excited to write this week’s post as I share with you Vicky and Chris’ big day. I’ve known Vicky since we were 7 and it’s been such an honour and privilege to be part of her wedding day in such a meaningful way. As I look through these photos from the amazingly talented Celine Kim of Celine Kim Photography – I can’t help but smile at every picture, and every moment captured. After 11 years of dating, these two finally tied the knot. And they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect venue – The Manor bypeterandpauls.com is always an excellent choice – good food, great service and amazing ambiance. Without further ado, here is a selection of pictures from their big day along with 10 tips on how to have a great wedding day!

Tip 1: Have fun with your ties and bowties, grooms! Pick something that reflects your personality – and at the same time – don’t be afraid to be a bit bolder with your choices!
hipster groom's bowtie

Tip 2: Having rings and your wedding invitation ready for the photographer during “getting ready shots” helps to save time looking for them and gives them the time to style it in a creative way.
wedding rings

Tip 3: You’d never know what happened behind the scenes, but the wind was actually very strong and broke the original vases that held the large floral arrangements. Sometimes weather can be unpredictable. But very savvy problem solving skills and knowledge that the venue keeps great rustic decor, the florist was able to find tree trunks to give the floral arrangement the height that it needed to look beautifully presented! End result? The couple loved the tree trunks, and nope, they never knew what really happened… unless they read this post now 🙂
wedding ceremony at the manor

Tip 4: We at Wonder Chic Events provide amazing high quality umbrellas (the 3 clear ones featured) for our couples to use in case of rain on their wedding day. The day was clear and the weather forecast said there wouldn’t be any rain after 12pm. But just to err on the safe side, we made sure the bridal party had our umbrellas in their cars. And guess what? They made use of them as it started to drizzle 🙂 Thank you White Umbrella Co. for keeping our couples dry and making for pretty pictures!
rainy wedding days call for white umbrella co

Tip 5: A good photographer scopes out the photo shoot location prior to wedding day – especially if they’ve never shot there. Make sure your photographer knows where the best spots are to take you on your wedding day so that you are not wasting precious time “finding places.” With Celine Kim Photography, we didn’t have to worry about the couples getting back to the venue late, etc. They were totally on the ball!bridal party photoshoot at pine farms

Tip 6: Personalize your wedding with pretty little details (but don’t overdo the DIY). This head table was adorned with the beautiful bridal bouquets, twinkle lights and cute marquee lights of the couple’s first initials. Simple, chic and very pretty!
marquee letters and flowers

Tip 7: We always recommend tastings – sometimes there’s a cost for them and sometimes the cost is absorbed into the price when you go forward with the cake order. Out of all our weddings, this was by far our favourite tasting (and prettiest) wedding cake! Made With Love By Tiffany – you definitely knocked this one out of the park and made a bride (and wedding planner 🙂 very happy!
made with love by tiffany pink ombre wedding cake

Tip 8: Be with each another in the moment without caring about anything or anybody else. For a few minutes, the world stops, as you are doing your first dance. It’s one of our favourite wedding day moments.
first dance at the manor

Tip 9: Speeches that come from the heart are perfect no matter how it gets delivered. Really sink into the words, put emotion as you say them, and just let it out. We were in happy, heartfelt tears, as the groom said his speech… It was so beautiful and emotional, touching, raw and real. ♡
bride and groom thank you speech

Tip 10: Sneak out for night photos! Take advantage of the different lighting, different mood and just to escape from everyone and spend a few quiet moments as newlyweds. Take it all in – and then head back inside and party on the rest of the night!
the manor weddings night photos

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we loved recounting the moments. Congrats to the newlyweds as they begin a new journey together as husband and wife. We are so happy with how everything came together on Vicky and Chris’ wedding day and there’s nothing we’d love more than to help more happy couples tie the knot!

Vendor Shoutouts:
Reception Venue & Catering: The Manor bypetersandpaul.com
Photography: Celine Kim Photography
Floral: Ashton Creative Wedding & Event Floral Design
DJ: 3 Owls Entertainment
Officiant: Dream Weddings Canada
Cake: Made With Love By Tiffany
Makeup & Hair: Maggie Ng Makeup + Hair
Bride’s Hair: Maikey Wu Hair Salon
Dress: Superior Bridal 

Cindy Li
Certified Wedding Planner, Wonder Chic Events

Wonder Chic Events is the wedding planner for urban, stylish and fun couples. We would love to be your right-hand partner in helping you plan your big day from the moment you say “Yes” to the Proposal until the day you say ‘I Do” down the aisle. Contact us today for a complimentary initial meeting to discuss your beautiful, unique and heartfelt day with us over coffee/tea at a location that is convenient for you. Let us take care of the details so you can spend quality time with each of your lovely guests and enjoy your wedding day with peace of mind!

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