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Have you thought about holding a wedding ceremony or wedding reception in Hong Kong but felt overwhelmed about where to begin? Do you have extended family and friends in Hong Kong, and would love to celebrate your wedding day, outside of the typical Chinese restaurant? We’re currently in Hong Kong visiting some beautiful venues and equipping ourselves with knowledge about the Hong Kong wedding industry, aiming to bring information and inspiration to bring back to the Canadian market, and so far, it’s been an eye opener – seeing what makes us similar and that of which makes each market unique.

We visited one of ClubONE’s portfolio of over 10 venues – One Bay East. Located within a corporate office building (with its own separate elevator), One Bay East is an ideal venue for hosting both corporate and wedding events and can hold 270 guests for maximum seating capacity.

clubone one bay east open day

Upon entry, to your left would normally hold the framed wedding photos or a candy table – which is quite popular for Hong Kong weddings (as it is for our Canadian couples as well). Normally that is where the placement of the seating chart goes. Opposite would be a longer table, where the gift box, guestbook and bridesmaids would usually be sitting to assist guests, checking them in, and writing down the gift amount of their lucky red pockets (monetary gift to the couple).

clubone one bay east candy table or photo table

Pictured below is a sweet and simple ceremony setup. Typically the background drapery is done in the style shown below, in three columns, and you may choose the colours according to your wedding. The venue provides this service, as well as the banquet chairs that you see below. These would be the only type of chairs available for the couple to use, however the couple is able to choose from a selection of linen and chair cover colour and design, to complement their wedding theme.

clubone one bay east wedding ceremony

A closer look at the signing table. For convenience, everything you see here would be set up for you including the chairs, signing pen and ring pillow. No detail goes missed when you book with one of ClubOne’s great venues!

clubone one bay east wedding ceremony signing table

The view from the stage area to the entire room:

clubone one bay east banquet room

Bird cage chandeliers are seen at several of ClubONE’s venues. Something I haven’t seen much of in our Canadian market!

clubone one bay east weddings bird cage chandelier

ClubONE also provides in-house AV, lighting effects & screen and projector for use. This makes everything a lot simpler and couples love the convenience and value-added services that are included with their booking.

clubone one bay east lighting effects

A unique feature that ClubONE has is that all their venues are equipped with a grand piano! This instantly brings up the elegance to any event. Having a DJ is actually not popular in traditional Chinese weddings here in Hong Kong, however, live music / live bands are a popular choice, whether for ceremony or during the reception. Where in Canada, we are used to having a cocktail hour before the reception, it’s not something that is seen as needed here and if couples choose to offer food and drinks – it would be in a much smaller scale than what we are accustomed to in Canada.

clubone one bay east grand piano

Mahjong is a favourite past-time (or hobby) in Hong Kong (or among Chinese in general) in Asia. There is a room dedicated to playing mahjong, usually prior to the dinner reception, as guests are arriving. I was actually very surprised to see this, as I rarely walk into Chinese restaurants in Toronto and see this still! I personally like the game, although it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve played.

clubone one bay east mahjong table

Another feature that is different than Canadian weddings, is that mock cakes such as the one below are hugely popular in Hong Kong, and are provided by the venue. Couples stage the cake-cutting (or there’s a pre-cut slit where couple’s cut into) for photo purposes and serve the real slab cake to their guests.

clubone one bay east mock wedding cake

Red Family Tables – one for the Bride’s side and one for the Groom’s side of the family, and you may find the Bride and Groom seated at the Groom’s side. However, there could be one main Red family table and both Bride and Groom together with their parents and other immediate family may be seated. If additional Red Tables are needed because of important family/relatives, it can also be added.

clubone one bay east red family table

Picture shown below of what a guest table looks like with all napkins and cutlery provided.

clubone one bay east wedding guest table

Within their bridal suite, I was surprised by the sheer size of it! Much nicer than some of the bridal suites I’ve seen in Toronto – and complete with a wardrobe rack, beauty table and mirror, a steamer (wow!), and a safe, as well as a private bathroom.

clubone one bay east bridal suite

For any couple considering a wedding in Hong Kong, whether it’s your Main one or your Secondary celebration (and your main one was back in Canada) – you can choose among ClubONE’s various venues and select one that meets your wedding theme. They have many venues ranging from classic, to modern, to outdoors and whimsical. Targeting the young couples, mainly under 30 years of age, ClubONE venues exude a fun-loving, young, and happy vibe, with menus ranging from $5,688 HKD – $8,888 HKD for a table of 12, and they are happy to work within your budget as well as recommend trusted vendors which would serve helpful to make the rest of your wedding planning easier!

clubone one bay east wedding setup

Thank you to Ryan Lau for showing me ClubONE’s One Bay East and for taking the time to chat with me about the Hong Kong wedding industry.

ClubONE website: www.clubone.com.hk
ClubONE One Bay East website: www.clubone.com.hk/article/婚宴-海濱長廊/1519.html
1/F, One Bay East, Citi Tower, No. 83 Hoi Bun Road, Kowloon
Tel: 3586 0951
Email: clubone-obe@lifestylegroup.com.hk

Wonder Chic Events would love to work with any couple who’s looking into one of ClubONE’s excellent venues for a memorable wedding day! Contact us today for more information. 🙂

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